09.20.2023 10:31 AM By Encompass

Stress, a constant companion in this ever-busy world, can be overwhelming. 

The Mayo Clinic notes that chronic stress can lead to a multitude of health issues, from depression to heart disease. 

It’s said to be a major factor in 90% of illness. It impairs motor function and mental clarity. 

People flock to the spa, masseuse, television, refrigerator and the pharmacy to relieve it. 

Companies make billions of dollars of your stress. 

Yet, none of them will solve your problem. They give you a little something to feel better today.

Your inner stress maker will pop out a new reason to stress tomorrow. 

The key to truly shifting stress is to: 

a. stop hating on it and wishing it away 

b. instead, use it for its true intended purpose - a signal to make a shift. 

Your stress is a beautiful mechanism designed to show you that you have fallen out of harmony. 

It can be something misaligned inside. It can also be the people you’re with or the environment you are in.

Something no longer suits you, and your soul is begging for attention and rectification. 

Why don’t people just make the change? 

Often people resist change because they think they will lose something. 

Nothing you can really hold onto anyway, so why hold on so tight? 

The great mystic Lao Tzu said, "When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."

You ready to make a shift? What’s that change? 

Lets set up a call and we can talk about developing the sanctuary where you find your peace.

Michael Matucci, PhD

Encompass Life